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Welcome to the press page of oji active air.  We're thrilled you're interested in learning more about our innovative technology and its potential to revolutionize the way how we disinfect buildings.  As a company, we take the protection of our intellectual property very seriously, which is why we've chosen to distribute our press kit only to journalists who have taken the time to provide their contact information.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we believe it's important to know who is using our information and for what purpose.  By filling out the form on this page, you'll be among the first to receive our press kit and learn more about the unique biomimicry behind oji active air and how it can benefit healthcare and other sectors.  Rest assured that your contact information will be kept safe with us and will not be used for unwanted newsletters or other communications.  We look forward to hearing from you!


Introducing oji active air, a new technology that mimics the natural process of the human body's immune system to continuously disinfect indoor air and surfaces. Using salt, water and electricity to produce a safe and effective disinfectant, oji active air eliminates sources of infection at their origin and reduces the need for manual disinfection, harsh chemicals and energy consumption.

With its biomimetic approach, oji active air is not only highly effective in preventing the spread of germs and bacteria, but also gentle on the environment. Want to learn more? Request our press kit and be among the first to report on this game-changing technology.

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