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In addition to room air disinfection, sensitive surfaces of expensive sports equipment are gently cleaned and eliminate the need for manual disinfection.

The innovative oji process brings disinfection to every corner of training areas and course rooms with aerosolis75. In the future, employees and members can rely on virus- and bacteria-free air and surfaces during their stay in the gym.

Using aerosolis75 frees athletes from wearing masks. As the protective atmosphere acts like a second mask. The HOCl-enriched room air not only ensures an infection-free training experience, but also enhances sports performance.

"Especially participants in rehabilitation sports in groups such as cardiac sports or squat gymnastics must be able to enjoy protection in addition to vaccination measures."

Dipl. Sportlehrer Mike Volkert, Chairman Reha-Sportverein Greifswald, Managing Director Sinus Gesundheitssport - und Rehabilitationszentrum Greifswald.

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